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12 May 2011 @ 12:48 pm
Rambling About The Vampire Diaries  

* Until someone on the show proves me wrong, I am thinking of the following tidbits as factual fact:
1. Witches cannot be turned into vampires.
2. It was a witch who discovered vervain's anti-vampire properties. Bonus points if she did so unintentionally.

* Since this is a show with "vampire" in the title, I really enjoy the fact that absolutely anyone who is not Elena or Stefan or Damon can die (horribly). Well, er. I like it from a storytelling point of view, but I dislike it because new characters have a fifty-fifty chance of being brutally murdered about three scenes after they do something awesome and make me love them.

* Can we talk about how good the music is on this show? Oh, just kidding: I can't, because I DON'T HAVE THE WORDS. Seriously, though, if it hadn't been for Bonnie being, well, Bonnie, the moment where I threw up my hands and decided to go ahead and like this show would've come in the pilot when one scene ends with "Kids" by MGMT playing in the background and the very next scene starts with "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo. I died a little bit. On the inside.

* Believe it or not, but I don't really like vampires all that much. I've been tired of them since Twilight was a series of two books. They just don't do it for me most of the time. So it should come as no surprise that I really am bored out of my blessed skull by the "epic" romance between Elena and Stefan (and don't forget Damon, Stefan's morally ambiguous brother who ALSO has the hots for Elena!) (gag me) because she's a human girl who's not Buffy and he's a vampire who's not Angel. I'm sorry, but no one is ever going to top that for me. The one girl in the whole world whose sole reason for existence is to kill vampires and the one vampire in the whole world who has a conscience fall in love; they have sex and he loses his soul because gypsies are vindictive like that; his soul is eventually restored, but she still has to kill him so that the entire world won't be sucked into Hell? COME ON. That is it.

* Having said all that, I do like Elena quite a lot (mostly). For a normal human girl with no fighting skills and no magical ability of any kind, she's pretty badass.

* Speaking of normal human girls with no fighting skills or magical ability of any kind, how much do I adore Caroline? SO MUCH. Even if you ignore how terrifyingly awesome she becomes in season two, I just love her. I can totally relate to her self-esteem issues (neither of us have any), and almost every time she's onscreen I just want to go shopping with her and brush her hair and tell her not to worry because she's beautiful and haters are gonna hate and everything gets better after high school.
Plus, she tends to get the best lines.

* I should probably be smacked for comparing this show to Buffy so much, but seriously: Joyce Summers. Jenna Sommers. It's like they wanted us to think she was doomed. Or something.

* It's unfair how no one whose last name isn't Donovan never seems to have money troubles of any kind, but I guess that's New England for ya.

* You know that scene where Elena swerves to avoid the guy in the middle of the road and totals her car? Yeah, I CANNOT watch that scene.

* VAMPIRES VS. WEREWOLVES, how . . . interesting. And innovative. And stuff.

* There are a lot of fans out there who can't seem to spell Stefan's name. It is not Stephan or Stephen. I mean, I can't say I'm surprised, but geez.

* Also, there are a lot of fans out there who seem to think that Bonnie and Damon would make a great couple. I flat-out point-blank do not understand this. Unless something really drastic (that is, drastically good) happens in season two and I haven't heard about it yet, she hates him. She is, in fact, the one character in the whole show who has actually threatened to kill him.
I guess some people are into that.
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