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09 August 2010 @ 01:32 pm
Stuff and Things  
* Yesterday, her last day at Willow Lake (sadface), Sarah asked me to prove that the boots I was wearing were indeed my "ass-kicking boots." So I did. Her reaction was one of the funniest things I have ever seen or heard in my entire life.

* Yesterday was full of moments like that, actually . . . and yet, it was still the very worst day I have been called upon to suffer through since the day I found out my mom might have cancer.

* Sometimes I seriously wonder if I'm bipolar or something.

* Next open mic is the 28th. I'm planning to talk about some stuff I've been avoiding for the past couple of months (who needs therapy when you can get people to pay to listen to you talk?), so it should be a good time.

* I Shall Wear Midnight is a real book with a real release date, and that release date is September 28th. I am gonna have to pre-order the heck out of it.

* I actually don't want to kick him in the face, so . . . I guess that counts as progress or something. Yay, me?

* Yes, it has occurred to me that I should probably be eating a bit more regularly. I'll worry about it tomorrow, okay?

* Also, yes, it has occurred to me that I should probably be sleeping, like, ever. Nothing seems to work anymore.
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