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06 July 2010 @ 08:58 am
The One Reason I Refuse to See THE LAST AIRBENDER  
There are, of course, quite a few reasons I don't particularly want to see it, but I flat-out refuse after reading this little snippet on TVtropes:

Chickification: Katara, in comparison to her series counterpart. Besides not fighting for her right to learn combative Waterbending, she never gets the upper hand in the fight against Zuko, as she did in the first season finale.


Honestly, there was quite a bit I wanted to say about this fuckwittery, but (despite having had a whole night to think about it) I am just too mad.
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Rectangle! America! Dumpster!: listenmarinade on July 6th, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)

But no, I finished the first season on Instant Watch yesterday. Katara is bad ass!
Ryan: appa is bigger than aanghexperiment on July 8th, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
Believe it or not, but if I had said all I wanted to say about this FOOLISHNESS, it would've included references to season two and season three, including the second-to-last episode before the finale. If I had said all that, I would've been sure to put it under a tag, and clearly mentioned that it had spoilers underneath, and warned you by name -- yes, you!

But I knew you had just recently finished the first season (yay, Twitter), and anyone else who reads this has either seen every episode of the series multiple times or doesn't care, so . . . eh.

If you think Katara is badass, just you wait.