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17 May 2010 @ 01:12 pm
Quick Review - Angel: After the Fall, vol. 3  
Even though they did have Joss's personal seal of approval, the first two volumes didn't exactly do a whole lot to make me respect the people behind this series. In this one, I pretty much lost every last shred of it in the recap, where Betta George is described as a telekinetic fish. To be fair, Betta George is a fish. To be fair, Betta George does have psychic abilities. To be fair, telekinesis is a psychic ability. But, uh, Betta George is not telekinetic. Betta George is telepathic. You would think that, out of the six billion or so people on the blue planet, a handful of comic book editors would be most likely to know the difference and catch that sort of mistake before going to print, and maybe you'd be right, but . . . maybe they all work elsewhere than IDW. Or maybe they all died in the Silver Age. Either way, they weren't around to catch this particular error.

Speaking of Betta George, one of the two special features we get in this volume is his on-set diary about all of the scenes he appeared in. This is pretty much as inspired as it sounds, but why take my word for it? Check out this excerpt:

". . . take the other day, when Gunn drained a production assistant dry, right in front of the crew. Sucked her blood, and then pointed at me and said 'the fish did it.' AND THEY SIDED WITH GUNN. I complained to Whedon, who shrugged and explained Gunn was actually on the show so he's more important. I was shocked, what show was Whedon talking about? I gotta consult Wikipedia later."

So, yeah, that's what we're dealing with from the creative team here.

Anyway, here are the biggest things that bugged me from the actual story:

1. We finally find out what name Angel (accidentally, apparently) gave the dragon, and it is so so clever. Seriously, straight boy, your cleverness is such a clever sort of clever that I get a sharp, shooting, ecstatic little jolt in my head every time you whip it out. (For those of you who were as curious about this as I know I was, here's a little hint: The dragon has a girl's name, and that name is not Buffy. Wait half a second and take a wild guess.)

2. Look, I get it. The main character is a fucking vampire. We're dealing with a universe where death is almost never as final as it is in the real world. Main characters die, and sometimes they stay that way, but it's much more common for them to come back in some form or another. But this is getting a little bit ridiculous.
* Also, now that Gunn is a vampire, EVERY SINGLE MAIN CHARACTER (except for Doyle) has died, and not once has it fully stuck.

3. You might think that, after he went and sent the entire city of Los Angeles to Hell, Wolfram & Hart would hold off on their vague muttering about "Angel's role in the coming apocalypse." Yes, you might think that, but (I'm about to quote a Discworld character, so you know I mean business) NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

Mercifully, volume 4 wraps up the After the Fall storyline. I highly doubt I'll keep up with this series after that (except for the Drusilla story).
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