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11 May 2010 @ 04:43 pm
Very Quick Review - Angel: After the Fall vol. 2  
I still don't know why we're supposed to care about any of this.

Wow, that sounded a lot meaner than it did in my head.

It's not that this series has (so far, anyway) shown any signs of, you know, bad storytelling -- note: that doesn't exactly mean it's epitomized good storytelling, either, to put it mildly -- but . . . I really liked the not-an-ending that the TV show gave. Call me crazy, but I liked the thought that whatever happened to everybody was left up to my imagination.

Now that the story has been picked up again, I can't help but think Oh, really, Kate came back? And Lorne became Lord of Silverlake? Really, straight boy? Yes, I am calling you "straight boy," because that's what you are, so shut your face and answer my question: REALLY, IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? God, why can't you shut up and leave well enough alone, straight boy?

. . . On the plus side, since the fifth season only had one female main character (Mercedes McNab may have been promoted to star billing, but Harmony still doesn't really count), it is nice that Kate and Gwen have been brought back. And I'm still eagerly anticipating the Drusilla story.

Still, though, at this point I'm mostly only reading because I've read that this happens sometime before Buffy Season Eight, and Angel has kind of a crucial role to play there, so yeah.

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